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Why Immigration Is Changing Australia’s Property Market

Why Immigration Is Changing Australia's Property Market

Why Immigration is Changing Australia’s Property Market One key factor influencing the Australian property market is the demand for property. This demand comes from immigration. As immigration increases, more people come into the country. This influx includes skilled labour, which helps fill job shortages. Additionally, many immigrants will need places to live, leading to higher […]

What’s a better investment? Old Properties OR New Properties?

whats better? old or new properties

So you’re click into our article so you’re probably wondering, What’s a better investment? Old Properties OR New Properties? Investing in real estate offers an array of choices, notably between new and old properties. While each type has its merits, recent findings suggest new properties might offer superior financial returns. This discussion draws upon an […]

Where Interest Rates Are Going For The Rest of 2024

Scale your portfolio

A Closer Look at Australia’s GDP and Future Interest Rates Introduction In recent times, there has been growing concern about the economic trajectory of Australia. Speculations abound, especially around the concept of a technical recession—a scenario characterised by consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Therefore, understanding the implications for the broader economy and, more specifically, […]

How to Scale Your Property And Grow Your Portfolio

Scale your portfolio

The power of structuring and strategy This is how to scale your property and grow your portfolio. Embarking on the journey of property investment and portfolio expansion can seem daunting. However, with the right strategies and structures in place, scaling becomes not only feasible but also financially rewarding. The key to unlocking this potential? Sophisticated […]

How Jonathan Went From ZERO to 8 Properties in Just TWO YEARS

Get Money Back From Government

From Passive to Active So you want to hear the story on How Jonathan Went From ZERO to 8 Properties in Just TWO YEARS. Jonathan’s property investment journey provides a compelling blueprint for investors looking to shift from passive income streams to more active and potentially lucrative property development projects. His strategic pivot underscores the […]

Get Your Money Back From The Government

Get Money Back From Government

This is how to get your money back from the government through depreciation. Understanding Depreciation: A Quick Overview At the core of this strategy lies the principle of depreciation. Similar to how a brand new car loses value over time, a property—specifically, the building itself—also depreciates in value, at least on paper. However, it’s this […]

Where Are Interest Rates Going In 2024?

where are interest rates going

Where Are Interest Rates Going In 2024? The Economic Compass: Inflation and Spending Trends Inflation has seen a significant drop from 8.4% in December 2022 to a steadier 3.4% by January 2024. Consequently, this aligns closely with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) target, suggesting a cooling off from previous highs. Meanwhile, retail sales figures […]

How The Rich Stay Rich

How The Rich Stay Rich

The Key Strategies To Being Rich Property investment is a key strategy for wealth accumulation, and the rich have mastered how to stay rich by minimising taxes and maximising returns. I speak in more detail in one of the more recent Youtube video. CLICK HERE TO VIEW. This Is How They Do It For example […]

Shadman’s Journey To Over $300,000 forecast Profit

Understanding the Importance of Free Training Videos In the realm of online courses, particularly in specialised fields such as real estate development, the availability of free training videos has become a pivotal factor in attracting potential learners. These videos often serve as a precursor to the paid course content, offering valuable insights and knowledge that […]

Property Development For Beginners

Learning the basics of property Learn the seven stages of property development, including how to control property without owning it, using options, vendor finance, and joint ventures. I explain this in a bit more detail in my recent Youtube video. CLICK HERE TO VIEW. You Don’t Need To Own Property Property development doesn’t necessarily require […]