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Rent Bidding Banned In Perth To Slow Rent Price Increase!

Rent Bidding Banned In Perth To Slow Rent Price Increase! Is it good or bad?

On the surface, banning rent bidding in Perth seems like a good idea. However, in reality, it might have the opposite effect. The government’s goal is to stop rapid rent increases. Rent Bidding Banned In Perth To Slow Rent Price Increase so they have introduced a rule allowing landlords to increase rent only once every 12 months. Even if a tenant has a six-month lease, the landlord cannot raise the rent at the end of that term.

Potential Consequences

This policy means landlords will plan their rent increases 12 months in advance. As a result, they might raise the rent more significantly to cover future costs. Unfortunately, this could make renting even more expensive. The rental market in Perth is already tight, with limited housing supply, similar to the rest of the country.

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Rent Bidding Banned In Perth To Slow Rent Prices! Is This Good or Bad?

Impacts on Renters

  • Many property experts believe this policy will not help renters.
  • Instead, it could lead to higher rent prices.
  • If this ban extends to other states, we might see similar effects nationwide.
  • Landlords, restricted to one rent increase per year, might raise rents as much as possible in that single adjustment.

Future Developments

  • It will be interesting to see how this policy unfolds.
  • Rent prices in Perth could rise faster than before, especially in areas with limited housing supply.
  • While the intention behind the ban is to protect renters, the actual outcome might be different.
  • We need to stay tuned to see how this plays out.


In conclusion, while the rent bidding ban aims to help renters, it might lead to higher rent increases. Landlords planning for future costs could raise rents significantly. This policy’s impact on Perth’s rental market will be crucial to observe. If it spreads to other states, renters everywhere could face similar challenges. Stay informed and watch how this situation develops.

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