Liberty Blue Education


What does Liberty Blue Education do?

Liberty Blue Education provides independent education through its online courses and also offers wholesale properties to purchase as a done for you service.

Who is Liberty Blue Education?

Liberty Blue Education is a collective community of everyday Australians gaining knowledge to make informed investment decisions about property. Liberty Blue was founded by property investor and developer Adam Pennisi in 2021.

How much money do I need to invest in property?

You can start with no money using creative strategies we teach in our Develop It course.

We would recommend you have at least $30,000 in savings as a deposit for a very modest house purchase. We can help students into a property who have less than $30,000 through one of our wholesale properties.

Is this for investors or for home buyers?

A lot of our students are both investors and home buyers. We specialise in teaching you how to make money from property. So if you are going to buy a property in your lifetime we can show you.

you DON’T want to buy to live and don’t care about buying under market value, growth and making money, then we can’t add that much value to you.

But if you want your home to make you money from day one and grow in value in the short term, so you can use it to launch your property investing further, that is exactly what we specialise in helping people achieve.

How do I get financing for a property?

Our courses will teach you about financing. We can help you with finance though our borrowing capacity check and put you in touch with our own brokers. We can save you thousands of dollars with our contacts but we can also make you many more thousands through our education courses.

How much do your courses cost?

The cost of our courses are normally less than half a typical Buyers Agent fee and a real estate agent’s commission for a single property. You pay for our course once and you can purchase unlimited properties. We give you LIFETIME access to the course material, all regular course updates, and the private community forum. We also offer substantial discounts if you purchase courses together.

The cost of the courses can be found on each information page as below.