Liberty Blue Education

What we do

Liberty Blue Education is an education company built on the fundamentals of creating wealth through property.

We help students create wealth through active property strategies without needing a degree, a job or any prior knowledge of property; tried and tested on over $200million of our own projects over the past 12 years.

We exist to help everyday people replace their income and create wealth using their best asset, themselves. We share our knowledge of wealth creation so that everyone can prosper.

Our mission is to be the best wealth education company, encompassing integrity, honesty and transparency in our teachings. Giving you the right knowledge so you can take control of your financial future.

Meet your coach

Hi I’m Adam, I’m your property educator and I’m also a property developer and investor.

I have been developing my own properties for over 12 years and run an investment and development company, ADPEN.

I got started in property development with no money and no prior knowledge about property. A mentor showed me a strategy to make $100,000 and at the time that was way more than I was making in my full time job as a graduate engineer, and I got very excited.

I started off like many, not knowing anything about property but before I bought my first property and locked myself into a lifetime of debt, I invested in property mentors. I paid these mentors a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fact for their time and expertise to teach me about property, and it paid off. I didn’t have anyone else in my network that had the results and who were willing to spend hours teaching me everything they knew to become successful.

Hey if I can do it, I believe it is possible for anyone to duplicate what I have done and hopefully do it faster. Just to give you an insight into my journey and show you that anything is possible here is my story…. I was born in the regional town of Innisfail in north Queensland. I grew up in a very modest household and we moved around a lot when I was a child to regional mining towns as my father was chasing work. My parents were only 22 years old when I was born and by 24 they had three young children under four! I was very lucky, I grew up in a family with a lot of love and encouragement but not a lot of money. One key thing my parents did teach me was that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, and I believed them.

I loved playing sport much more than school and I competed at high levels all through school in athletics, swimming and basketball. Maybe being born with a deformity where I was could not walk properly made me more determined to get back up again and keep going no matter the setbacks. I worked hard at school and university and got top marks. Becoming an engineer was a childhood goal that I set when I was six years old.

So once I ticked off this goal, less than 6 months after finishing university at 22 years old, I purchased my first property development project, without a deposit and using none of my own money. It sounds too good to be true but I can assure you it took unwavering belief that it was possible because why can’t it be? This first property development deal became my reality when I was 22 and it can become yours if you choose.

My first project was a 5 house development in Morningside, 5 kilometres from Brisbane. Two years later the project was finished and was valued at $3million. I was also working 80 hours per week in my engineering job in a remote location while I did this property project on the side. I don’t say that to brag but to highlight how much little free time I had and what is possible with property. From then on I completed a number of small projects in quick succession, again while still working 80 hours per week in remote locations.

In my engineering career I experienced a life working away from family and friends, and this was a life I did not enjoy. I felt trapped in my engineering career and someday I wanted to start a family and most importantly be home for them everyday. Not to be working away in remote locations like my father did, but instead be present every day for my family.

Adam and family

This really drove me to do more and at the age of 27 I had more than replaced my engineering income and I quit my job to go into property full time. Over the next few years I amassed over $200million in development projects and launched a public funds management company. Since then I focus my energy on educating people in property and delivering my own property development projects. Everything I teach is from experience, from getting it right and getting it wrong, not from a textbook!

Now don’t be fooled, it took me almost 5 years and many 100 hour work weeks to figure out how to replace my income from property. Once I had this figured out it took many more years of 100 hour weeks to scale the property business to several large property projects. Every highly successful person I’ve met has had to make huge sacrifices with no guarantee of success.

So I’m not telling you to work 100 hours per week if you want to be successful, but if you do want success it does take some work and commitment. If you decide to follow my systems I can help you fast track your journey so you don’t have to do the 100 hour work weeks like I had to.

I created Liberty Blue Wealth from my desire to help people and as the meaning of the words Liberty Blue implies. My goal is to show you another way to give you the freedom and choices that wealth creates; to choose to go to your job, to choose where you live, where your kids go to school, what you do with your time, to choose it all. 

You may be just like I was – looking for another way to make money so I could quit my job and have freedom. You may be lost and looking for another source of income or to replace your current income.

I can give you the keys to the kingdom; literally handed to you on a silver platter from a true property entrepreneur – you just have to take the action. If I could do a $3million development with no money down as a 22 year old kid while working 80 hours per week in a remote job, there is no reason why you cannot do the same or better!

Adam in suit crossing the road in Newstead