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Age 22: Bought his first property in Brisbane for $1.1million using creative finance


Age 27: Quit his full-time engineering job


Age 28: Finished over a dozen single house renovations & new builds


Age 30: Accumulated $200million of property projects


Age 36: Educate you in property and build his own portfolio

Adam started in property at 22 years old and now runs a property business and educates students how to do the same. Adam’s goal is to provide structured and unbiased education so people are empowered to make their own financial decisions.

Adam was inspired to get into property investment early by his mum who read property investment books before buying her first investment property when Adam was 15 years old. That one property changed the financial future of their family.

Adam is a father to three young girls and now lives in Brisbane after growing up in Rockhampton in regional Queensland.

Adam has significant property holdings and a pipeline of several hundred properties through his development and investment company Adpen. 

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